November 13, 2010


Today was a nice slow Saturday.  We had pre-bowled Kiera's league bowling with friends on Thursday.  This meant that we didn't have to get up early and bowl with the league.  We both slept in till 10 am!  Truthfully, I have not been sleeping well and really could of layed in bed all day.  However, anyone with a child knows that that just isn't ever going to happen. 

We had a late breakfast and this rolled right into school work.  We don't usually do school work on weekends, but if she wants to, who am I to say no?  So two hours later I forced her to put it away.  This makes me chuckle.  Stop doing school work you darn kid! haha!

We finally got dressed.  I had zero motivation but it was so nice out.  Kiera chose the playground/park.  Given her choice of playgrounds she chose the one by my house.  She played there having a blast "look at me mommy!  Look at me Mommy" for a good hour when I suggested we try a different playground, since this one was empty ( no other kids)

We headed down to "Rotary Park".  It is a big playground and usually lots of children.  Usually on a Saturday parents are with their kids and watching them.  Today was an experience.  There were 3 children between 10 and 13 years old.  The boy ended up punching the girl in the face.  The Dad made him "drop and give me 50" as in pushups.  Ok, maybe that's the punishment they use.  But then he ends up kicking the kid and laughing!

At this Kiera commented that "The daddy kicked the boy - Oh no!" So we went over to the sand area/ volleyball area.  This was fun and we ended up playing in the sand.  From there Kiera wanted to go to the "children's garden area."  Next I suggested a walk.  We began walking on the trail and saw a sign saying the name of a "brook" by way of a trail.  The trail was marked with bright orange markers on trees.  So we played the game of following the orange markers.  Kiera really enjoyed this.  At one point there were a bunch of boulders and Kiera wanted to climb.  She loves rock climbing.  Here's a couple of pics.

 It ended up being a really nice day.  Spontaneous activities.  No stress, no rushing.
This was followed with some time in the backyard at home.  Raking leaves, jumping in leaves, and finally a leave fight!  Fun times.

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