November 12, 2010

Grown Children

I'm having a challenging situation with one of my older children.
I don't get it.  We went through a rough patch, I want to say a year ago.  Maybe even EXACTLY a year ago.

Up until the last two weeks I thought our relationship was probably the best its been.
There were little conversations, plans to get together.  Just a really good place.  Then out of the blue it changes.  No answers to texts or calls. 

In retrospect I guess in a way I had a warning.  Little things.  More falling back with a person from their past that not only treating them badly but drags them down.  I then find out they are with that person again.  The old behaviors start. 

Maybe I am over analyzing.  Yes sometimes I do that.  I try to figure out if its something "I " did.  Truthfully we can't let others blame us for their issues.  It's hard --mommy guilt seems to never end.  I understand my mother more now, rest her soul!

So what to do.  I'm a planner.

Well for starters I didn't wait to hear what "their" plans are.  I set Thanksgiving dinner time.  I set the afternoon activity I plan to do with Kiera.  I set the day I must know if they are coming or not.
 Now we shall see come Sunday what happens.  That's the day I NEED to know by.  

I should pack Kiera up and leave for the weekend of Thanksgiving.  I think it may solve a lot of this waffling BS.  I hate drama.  I don't allow drama to affect our lives.  Yet when its our own kids...what to do?! 

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