November 16, 2010

Home School Meet-up Day

Today was the bi-monthly Home School - Meet-Up.   It always clarifies why we are doing this and how awesome it is.  There were 5 or 6 families today.  The plan was to work on their "thankful trees".  We had made Halloween trees in October and this was on that theme.  They took a branch, put it in a modge-podged bottle and write what they are thankful on paper leaves, then hang them on the tree

After this we were making Christmas/Holiday cards for soldiers.
We used scrapbook paper/card stock with Christmas prints.  They printed the message on white and white lined paper and cut it and glued it inside.  They came out great.

After all the crafts, the kids went out to play in the playground.  Always so great watching them.  Great group of kids, great families.  Good times.

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