October 19, 2010

Terrific (but BUSY) Tuesday

Cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy and a bit chilly great Tuesday.
Today was our home school group meet up at Peace Dale Library.  Always a fun "Social " time (oh that darn "S" word!)  Today was game day, but there were also crafts.  Kiera did some of both.  It seems the snooty library lady didn't like kids being kids.  Note:  we were in a large room solid closed doors in the basement!

It was great despite the snooty old lady.  Followed the fun games and crafts with time at the playground.

Hit Staples in Westerly -- 2 workbooks for Kiera for $3.00 (large savings off retail).
Kiera has been eating up workbooks and worksheets.  Supplemental stuff.  Exciting to watch her choose "math" which was previously the one subject that caused frustration, anxiety and tears.  Now humming, singing and doing her worth.

Followed this with a trip to Shaws for some steak.   Found a pack of 6 tender medium steaks for 23 CENTS!  Yes CENTS.  Crazy.

Home to a call from the URI Speech with lots of questions.  The clinician wanted to know our "home school plan".  Rolling eyes.  Okay, okay.  There isn't a home school plan.  We learn, we live, we learn some more!  Yes I have curriculum but it is very eclectic!  I follow with the state standards but we also school with "mastery" (unlike the public school that just "moves on" through the curriculum.)   If it's not mastered, we don't move on but go over it and over it.  Sometimes we move on , but then backpeddle to see what was retained. If it wasn't retained we again review , practice and practice and practice.

I hope I am not going to be annoyed with questions about our curriculum.  I'm going to dig out the 3 sentences the last superintendent used.  We use multiple sources and not text --blah blah blah ...

Overall a great day.  Now I have to dig out all the speech records I have.  Emailed the sped director to try to get a summary from the old speech therapist. (Would rather pull my own teeth than deal with the public school EVER again)

Time to dig through the files --wish me luck!

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