October 20, 2010

New Neighbors

I like people.  I like neighbors --if they aren't too close!  We live in a duplex.  It is a really nice, newly renovated duplex.  We like it out of all the duplexes we have lived in.  We have lived in 3 in the past 13 years and ALL on the same street!  {giggle}

The new neighbor is a young girl with a 2-year old.  I recently found out its her first apartment.  It was cute seeing her all excited.  They aren't completely moved in yet, but much noisier than the last person who had two teen boys.

The nice thing about this duplex, is there is a hallway/stairs that kind of separates the units.  This is good because in the previous two duplexes, there wasn't and well it was like you were living with your neighbors and you heard EVERYTHING!

Hopefully as we adjust to living next to each other, we adjust to each others schedules and that they aren't too loud or have loud friends.  I would estimate she is about the age of my oldest child and I know how noisy that age group can be 27-30ish.

I will end by saying, when a neighbor moves out --you might be glad, BUT be careful the next one could be worse.  Here's to hoping this one is "quiet"  

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